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Update on reduction lino print

Following our printmaking course on the 16th August the lovely Freya returned to finish her reduction lino print.  This print has worked so well. Its a brave thing to do as once you take that second lot of lino away there is no going back, this method is often referred to as the suicide method….and not without reason 🙂

However as you can see the print works both as a stand alone print and also as a second layer. I believe this is the first lino print Freya has done since leaving school. There are definately road miles in pursuing this format. Freya’s grasp of the concept and function of a lino print shows just how creative she is. We loved this print. Well done you.

The two base layers of the print

Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Art Courses,

16th August Summer Day Course – Printmaking

Printmaking summer day course at outr lovely studio in Lamerton. We had three very different students today, so watching them work together was very interesting. The morning was taken by Nicky and the group came up with some very interesting imagery to print.

In the afternoon we were able to fit in some jelly printing and also some experimental layered printing using the lino prints and the jelly.

We had a really great day.

Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Art Courses,

26th July -Printing Day at West Dartmoor Arts Courses

Facebook and word of mouth are building our audience. We had a good take up for this printing class. After warming up with some drawing exercises we started on creating designs. Participants looked through some of Nicky’s lovely books which helped with design direction.

Focusing on making a lino cut we developed drawings to transferjapvinyl30x20pk.jpg onto the Japanese vinyl (avaiable form Intaglio Printmakers – and others) This two sides vinyl is easy to cut and has the advantage of being two-sided. Perfect for both amateur and professional printmakers.

There was a good use of positive and negative made with the designs as well as linear imagery.  One of the students chose to undertake a suicide cut (a reduction cut which takes away part of the original design.

Simple designs are very effective and make learning to cut the lino more straight forward.